Here in ServeVac we are constantly looking for business partners who want to be part of a dynamic and team-oriented to customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in being our dealer for vacuum machines just follow the instructions below.

What are the advantages of becoming authorized ServeVac reseller?

By being an authorized ServeVac dealer you will have access to high-quality vacuum machines with manufacturer warranty. In addition you will count on continued support from a specialized technical team.

What are the steps to become an authorized ServeVac reseller?

Send an email to with the information of your company and the industry in which it operates, then get back to evaluate a possible commercial partnership.

Is there some kind of training on the vacuum machines?

Yes. Our company wants its dealers to feel confident and comfortable with our machines, as this will be given technical training on the correct procedures for handling ServeVac vacuum machines.

If there is any technical problem with the machine, who assists the customer?

In ServeVac we give great importance to after-sales service.

If there is any technical problem with the machine please contact us to give information about customer complaints and data of vacuum machine in question. This way it will be easier for our technical team to identify and fix the problem.

If necessary, where can I get spare parts?

As manufacturers we have available all the spare parts for vacuum machines.

Just contact us and refer what’s the machine and which parts you need and our team will prepare a detailed budget.