Servevac | ServeVac from Aveiro expands to Morocco
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ServeVac from Aveiro expands to Morocco

Máquinas De Vácuo Servevac

15 Jun ServeVac from Aveiro expands to Morocco

ServeVac has been the subject of interest of the media and it was published a news report about their performance and future plans.

“We are entering the Moroccan market at the moment, in order to expand the business across borders,” said founding partner of ServeVac Sergio Venturain statements to Agência Lusa.

In early September, the ServeVac will hold a ‘showroom’ (exposure) in Morocco, having started its international journey in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).

“With the entry into Morocco, ServeVac want not only offer machines and quality solutions in the field of packaging at affordable prices, but also to establish itself as benchmark brand on a global scale”, said Sergio Ventura. “In an increasingly global world we need to to be alert to business opportunities that are provided across borders,” said Sergio Ventura, noting that the main competitors are in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

“We are the first and only Portuguese manufacturer to produce vacum machines for the food industry (meat, fish and liquids) and non-food (components of mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics),” he said, referring to yearly sales “currently are located at € 300.000,00, but within two years must pass for one to two million euros.”

Founded in 2011 in Sever do Vouga, Aveiro, ServeVac manufactures vacuum machines and sells consumables to the packaging area.

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