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02 Jun Servevac – Vacuum Machine Manufacturer – From Aveiro to the World

Given the increasingly tight rules and meeting the growing demands regarding food preservation, came the opportunity for Servevac to produce its own line of vacuum packaging machines for food.

Based in Sever do Vouga (Aveiro), ServeVac brand turned to the know-how acquired over the years in the commercial area of vacuum machines and consumables and started to manufacture their own equipment of vacuum packaging, being the first manufacturer in Portugal of vacuum machines. Through established partnerships between ServeVac and vacuum pump manufacturers we managed to made our machines more efficient, reaching an ideal level of vacuum.


About the vacuum machines:

Vacuum machines allow to extract oxygen from the package, preventing oxidation and, thus, the packaged product is preserved for the longest period of time possible. Our vacuum machines are also enabled to work with modified atmosphere (gas injection), which further maximizes the shelf life of the products.

One of the advantages of vacuum machines is maintaining the original flavor of the products, unlike freezers and temperature blast chiller. The vacuum machines are recommended for the areas of food, metallurgy, electronics and automobile.

See here our vacuum machines line and feel free to ask us for a quote or more information. Also visit here our section of consumables and see which is best suited for your packaging needs. You can also, through our YouTube channel see some demonstrations where you can learn more about the operation of our vacuum machines.

The main goal of Servevac – Packaging Solutions is to provide our business partners with the best solutions for their needs, at affordable prices.

For more information, see our contact page and feel free to question us.

ServeVac – Packaging Solutions

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